1 - You cannot sell, rent or share our accounts, tools, services to any 3rd parties, we monitor our tools very strictly if we found anyone culprit we will ban your account permanently with immediate effect with no refund. Only Fair Usage is allowed. Bulk checking/ abuse of service can cause ban. Multiple ip login are not allowed at any cause, rdp or vpn is strictly prohibited to login and access, account will be auto blocked if found out.

2 - Our services are only for a single person so you cannot share it with anyone. Our services are already very low cost so you can purchase multiple subscriptions for multiple users. If we detect the sharing of tools/accounts we will immediately ban your account. Single Membership account can't be used on more then one system/pc/laptop. Sharing can cause ban from service.

3 - Our services are only for small entrepreneurs and small organizations, we do not allow heavy usage of tools, if you have heavy usage please directly buy a subscription of specific tool otherwise we might detect and ban your account.

4 - Toolsminati has the right to change the price and validity of any service at any time. We outsource the accounts, so our users can face minor downtime issues. If any of our tools reached their maximum limit, you have to wait until our team refills the account.

5 - Toolsminati never charges you automatically. All transactions are initiated by users only. We use Paytm, PayUMoney and other third party payment gateways to collect payments. Also, we refund payments using the same gateways, we just initiate the refund request to our billing gateways, it may take several days to get your refund. We are not responsible for any kind of refund delay. We will provide you refund ID and all other details. We only refund if our primary tools will not work for more than 3 days. Read our Refund Policy.

6- We have the right to change limits of any tool at any time without any notice.

7 - Since it takes a lot of investment in managing this system, we don't offer any refund for small issues and little downtime.

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