Terms & Conditions


Toolsminati do not charge recursive fee. All transactions are initiated by user also we do not save any billing related data.



Toolsminati has right to change price and validity of any service at any time. Also, We can remove or add products based on availability in Combo Plans.


Refund Process:

We will provide refund only when our service not work for more than 3 days. There will be no refund if your account get ban or you do not use our service. Also, there will be no refund if our tool limits get ended, you have to wait till limit refresh again.

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Account Ban:

If user shares his/her account details with other people, then Toolsminati has right to permanently ban user account without any notification and refund. Multiple logins from same IP (using proxy or same ISP) in same day can result account suspension. Also, if user has provided wrong/fake information during any form submission, then Toolsminati has right to permanently ban user account without any notification and refund.



We have the right to change limits of any tool at any time without any notice.


Testing Tools Support:

We do not provide any support for Testing Tools (Available for free with Combo Plans) also we don't Guarantee it's uptime.



Toolsminati never allow accessing our website source code, reverse engineering on our extension/website.

Toolsminati never allow using cookies manager extension. If you want to use then remove our extension and log out from Toolsminati.

Toolsminati do not allow to add projects on any tools, so you can't create audit reports.

Toolsminati do not allow bulk searches on any tools

There is no refund if you contact after 30 days on the order placement date. It doesn't matter you have not received the product or your account is not active, or you cannot use it.

Toolsminati required Anydesk or Teamviewer for Technical Support.



Toolsminati has rights to send you notification via Email to your registered email regarding new offers or for other information purpose.

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